Local Business SEO

The local search has become more and more important for local businesses in the last years. This is why local business SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in great demand.

If you are in this sort of industry, local business SEO can be your best ally in finding new clients in your area that surely will increase the number of clients to your door.

What local business SEO does is to make your local business appear in local searches. For instance, if you are a Home improvement company in Miami, local search optimization will get your website rank higher on the local search engine results than the competition when someone is looking for it.

Why local search engine optimization? Because usually when people look for services they use local searches instead of national or international ones. So this way you can be sure that your potential clients are just around the corner!

Expectations from local SEO Optimization: When someone looks for something related to what you offer in Google it will show them local searches with companies in their same area, but above all it will show them companies ranked according to relevance and popularity, so there is a great chance that your local business will show up on the local search engine. And, even better, local SEO optimization allows you to track how many clicks to your local business are coming from local searches or not!

To achieve good local business SEO results there are some aspects that must be considered:

– Your website must have a physical address associated – It is important that people know where you are located. So, put the location of your company in its contact information. If it can’t be added automatically you can include it as an HTML tag on certain pages such as about us page and contact page.

– You should rank high for keywords that potential clients use when looking for services similar to yours – Take some time and research the words local clients use when they search for local businesses like yours. Then, optimize your website to rank high for those keywords!

– The more local citations you have the better – Citations are local mentions of your local business on local websites and directories.  These local references give you local visibility which will result in local ranking position. It’s important to note that any public mention about your company counts as a citation so don’t be afraid to ask your customers or employees for some references.

There are several sites where people can leave reviews about local businesses like Yelp, Yellow Pages and Angie’s List among others. These sort of local review pages provide good local SEO optimization effect because people look through them before choosing their service provider, that is why local business SEO experts advise local businesses to activate an account with these local review pages and ask for reviews after finishing the job.

How can you help my business to rank higher?

We have some good use cases of what we did for our clients and how we helped them to get to a better place!

Here are some examples of local business in the area of Broward county in Florida, USA for home services and goods that clients agreed to share:

local business seo
local business seo
local business seo

The numbers are representing the location on Googles search, for example wherever you see number 1 it means that that business will show up the first on the search list based on the location you made the search from!

All search resolution presented above are between 7 and 10 miles! which are between 11.2 and 16 Kilometers!!! Imagine anyone who is looking for your type of business within 15X15 Kilometers range will see your business on first page 🙂 This screenshots you are looking at are still work in progress, results of hard work and many weeks and months of improving. We are not stopping there until all spots will turn green.

Like we mentioned before, WE DO NOT PROMISE you the first place on Google, but this is just a small visual taste of what we can do for your business and much more.