Who We Are?

We are a tech company based in Miami, Florida – USA

We offer Marketing, SEO, graphic design and software development.

Lead303 is the business name, adopted due to our strong sympathy to the Acid Techno genre and the famous Roland TB-303 synthesizer from the early 80′ 🙂

Over the years we helped MANY small-medium local businesses down here, among our clients you can find HVAC contractors, locksmiths, plumbers, dentists, lawyers, firms, stores, electricians, importers/exporters, people who rent luxury cars, pets shelters, restaurants, coffee makers, builders, SEO companies and what not.. Actually, you were more likely have been using some of them if you live in south or central Florida!

We want to establish a connection with you and your network. We believe in hard work, therefore we want you to do the same! WHAT DOES IT MEANS?! Our staff is prepared to work HARD for your success, all we ask is that you are HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY and willing to do the same.

We’ll go through your online presence, “just a little” research about your company, just to ensure that we can actually increase your ranking, we do not sell dreams about success or your business on the first page of google within 2 weeks. If we both feel that we are the perfect match for one-another, then we’ll establish a business relationship.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and start building you empire $$$ 🙂


Well, after designing hundreds of websites, were just tired of the average “Minimalistic” and modern looking website so we went all in and created this SPAMMY – OLD SCHOOL style website 🙂 Offering high quality services is our top priority, if you got here, I can assume we did something good 😉 And yes! we can build anything you want so do not hesitate.


*** Due to an existing commitment with active clients, we may not be able to serve certain counties and businesses in the United States with a particular kind of service.

We do apologize for the inconvenience.